Showcasing our Innovation to the University of Michigan

We’re known for our innovation, complex designs and flawless execution. Recently, University of Michigan’s Alec Gallimore, dean of engineering, came to visit and was impressed with what we had to present.

Shape’s relationship with U of M began more than 60 years ago with Midge Verplank, CEO of Verplank Trucking and co-found of Shape, completing his MBA from U of M in 1955 and Gary Verplank, CEO and chairman of the board, graduating from U of M’s engineering school in 1963.

On Thursday, May 19, Gallimore and two associates from the Development Office, Allison Effler and Joe Gagliardi, came to learn more about Shape’s engineering capabilities. Their visit began at 172nd, touring the floor and learning more about our products and processes. Afterwards, they toured the Tech Center where Tom Johnson, director of engineering, Justin Mileskiewicz, test engineer manager and Scott Glasgow, technical manager showcased how we are advancing our products both in geometry and material.

“For me, their visit creates engagement between Shape and a top engineering school in Michigan,” said Scott Navarre, director of central manufacturing engineering. “University of Michigan is a large research university that has several projects in the automotive market. It’s great for us to sit down and chat with them about where they are going and how Shape can get involved and stay in front of the industry.”