Leading the Pack: Shape China Earns Three Customer Awards

400+ suppliers. 32 recognized. 3 awards given to Shape.

At Nissan China Investment Co.’s annual supplier award ceremony, Shape China walked away with three awards, more than any other supplier on April 26.
• Quality Improvement
• One Time Delivery
• 333 Activity Improvement

Associates at our China facility have greatly improved their quality by improving their touch point effectiveness, reducing rust and improving the location and information found on labels to reduce the number of miss-shipped parts.

During the 333 activity they were able to investigate the root cause of some issues and create an action plan to change where they were getting some of their materials, as well as restructuring a few processes. These awards showcase to customers everywhere that Shape is innovating and problem solving every day to exceed our customers’ expectations.

“These awards will bring us more business opportunities in the future,” said Lee Li, sales account manager. “In the Chinese automotive market, a company who has cost competitiveness, local development capability, and willing to be innovative is indispensable to them.”

Congratulations, team! Keep up the good work!