Shape Wows at BAMA Bi-annual Conference

The Bluegrass Automotive Manufacturing Association (BAMA) bi-annual Learning Conference brought together executive level leaders from numerous tier-one Toyota suppliers. The conference highlights each region’s development and training packages over the last two years. Organizations can then adopt the new content, share it within their organizations and leverage the learnings to help to build momentum.

Daric Morell, director of manufacturing, presented to five groups of roughly 25 participants regarding Shape’s lean journey. “It was great. We had a lot of attendance. It was really cool to see different people from different backgrounds and different companies go through the process of trying to find the problem we were able to create. It was really fun,” said Ryan DeBoer, 1900 plant manager.

Shape received great feedback from attendees, highlighting that the problem solving activity in conjunction with Daric’s message about our transformation was eye opening to leaders of other companies. “I think everyone who took our training session saw how powerful it is to use moment by moment problem solving, and really finding the point of occurrence before you start down your five why problem solving tree,” said Ryan.

The power of the SPS program at Shape keeps people engaged in our lean journey. Congratulations to Ryan DeBoer, Jay Blanchard, continuous improvement manager, and Daric Morell, director of manufacturing on the honor of being asked by the OMDD team to teach with them, side by side. This is definitely a feather in Shape’s hat.