Shape Explores SME PRIME Lab

We came. We saw. We benchmarked. On Monday February 6, Doug Peterson, vice president of human resources; Julie Davidson, talent acquisition,, manager; Mike Johnston, vice president of government affairs for the Michigan Manufacturing Association; Mike Roberson, assistant principle at Grand Haven High School, and Jeremy Case, technical education teacher at Grand Haven High School, traveled to Wadsworth High School in Ohio to see a PRIME (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) lab and classroom in action.

PRIME programing through SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) is a national organization that prepares high school students for skilled careers in manufacturing. Typically, local manufacturers consult and provide insights into the training and development requirements for their current and future workforce. This insures the curriculum is designed around the needs of the businesses. This trip marked a very important first step toward the possibility of a PRIME and Grand Haven High School (GHHS) partnership.

After hearing from the principal, program director, instructors, students, the corporation that sponsored Wadsworth’s PRIME lab and seeing some demonstrations, the value of this program was apparent to all. Shape plans meet with MMA, PRIME, and GHHS to perform a gap analysis on the current GHHS technical education lab/program and evaluate what it would take to be compliant with the PRIME program.

Whether if PRIME is the best path, or not, Shape is dedicated to preparing the future workforce and has committed to developing a partnership with GHHS, placing students in co-op opportunities and potential skilled trade roles.  “I am very excited for what this partnership can do in preparing students for great careers in manufacturing,” said Doug Peterson.