MIOSHA Takes Notice of Our Best Safety Practices

2015 was our safest years to date, and even MIOSHA took notice.

Safety is our top priority here, and we have many resources to make sure everyone goes home in the same condition that they came into work. One of the resources we have available are GroPros, compact video cameras, used to look at issues within a piece of equipment.

Just a few years ago we introduced GoPros onto the manufacturing floor to help associates solve problems, safely. MIOSHA was so intrigued by this that they selected us to share our best practice with others.

“It allows you to be “inside the equipment”, without actually being physically inside the machines and potentially putting yourself into a risky or dangerous situation,” said Dan Tlachac, lead electrical engineer. “It also gives you vantage points you could never get without a remote viewing system.”

“People realize they are great not just for troubleshooting equipment failure but also for identifying how quality issues are happening, or how cycle time might be changing part to part,” said Dan. “We have had everyone from maintenance, manufacturing engineers, electrical engineers, process engineers, and process experts using them.”

Not only is this a great tool to use for a variety of things, it also helps keep associates safe when working on the equipment.

“If we can prevent just one traumatic injury with these systems, they will be worth every penny,” said Mike Westbrook, safety and environmental manager.

MIOSHA visited Shape on Thursday, April 14 to do some videotaping for their new web series that will soon launch. Stay tuned for more information regarding the completed video in the next couple of months!