Accountability, awareness and dedication helped the Tech Center team celebrate four years of being injury-free on Saturday, September 10. This accomplish takes a lot of diligence both in the prototype shop and testing lab where many different associates and guests visit throughout the year. Wearing the correct PPE, being aware of your surroundings and being accountable for your own and peers’ actions play a large role in being safe.

What makes this accomplishment unique is that the Tech Center does not perform as much standardized work as the main manufacturing areas because tasks vary from day to day. Research has shown that manufacturing facilities that have no standardized work drastically increases the risk for injury. This requires extra attention to detail from all team members to ensure a safe working facility.

“Working safe is very important. We have enough aches and pains from life itself without adding unwanted pain from injuries,”Duane Tisdel, prototype tech II. “Finding ways to do our jobs safely is a primary focus for me. Too often you can be in a hurry to complete a task, cut some corners and that’s when an injury occurs.”

All of the associates in each department are very careful at ensuring a safe working environment. One way they do this is to make sure every new piece of equipment is checked out by the safety team. They also participate in safety audits to ensure they are complying with safety standards.

“We strive to be proactive with our safety measures,” said Tom Johnson, director of engineering. “I’m very proud of these teams putting safety first every day and accomplishing four years of being injury-free.”

Congratulations to the Tech Center for remaining injury-free for four years! Keep up the hard work!