Shape Corp. Announces New President

We are pleased to announce that Mark White will take over as the company’s president, effective October 1, following the retirement of former president, Bob Currier. “I want to thank Bob for his 35 years of service to Shape. His professionalism and support has been outstanding. He will be missed, and we wish him the best in his retirement,” said Gary Verplank, Shape CEO and Chairman of the Board. “ Looking ahead, I believe Mark will lead the company well and I am confident in his abilities to keep Shape driving in the right direction.” White has worked closely with Currier this past year, serving as interim president to fully […]

Celebrating 4 Years Injury-Free, Tech Center

Accountability, awareness and dedication helped the Tech Center team celebrate four years of being injury-free on Saturday, September 10. This accomplish takes a lot of diligence both in the prototype shop and testing lab where many different associates and guests visit throughout the year. Wearing the correct PPE, being aware of your surroundings and being accountable for your own and peers’ actions play a large role in being safe. What makes this accomplishment unique is that the Tech Center does not perform as much standardized work as the main manufacturing areas because tasks vary from day to day. Research has shown that manufacturing facilities that have no standardized work drastically […]

Comstock Facility Goes for Gold

Comstock Facility Goes for Gold

Congratulations Comstock Facility! In August 2016 the Shape Corp. Comstock Facility was awarded the MIOSHA Gold award from the Consultation Education and Training (CET) division. The Gold Award is the highest award in the MIOSHA CET awards. Awards are given to companies who have implemented an effective safety & health management system (SHMS), and who have achieved great safety & health records. There were only four awards given in the entire state, two of which were Gold. The Gold award is based on the following criteria put out by MIOSHA: “Awards are given to companies who have achieved outstanding safety and health records and have implemented an effective safety and […]