Toyota Shares our “Work Safe, Have Fun” Campaign Nation-wide

What started out as an internal campaign to raise awareness about safety, has turned into an opportunity to share our best practices with the entire Toyota supply base.

Our “Work Safe, Have Fun” campaign focuses on being safe so you can enjoy your favorite activities outside of work. The iconic logos and tag-lines have been placed throughout the facilities to reinforce good safety habits.

After the BAMA Safety Committee meeting this December, in Franklin Tennessee, Toyota requested attendees to share some of their best safety practices. Mike Westbrook, safety and environmental manager, sent in our “Work Safe, Have Fun” campaign to the group. Toyota liked the campaign so much that they will be sharing this best practice with their entire North American supply base.

“It’s a very simple idea, but has the potential to create a big shift in the culture. It’s very visual, which is one of our favorite things to see about safety,” said Josh Speer, Toyota purchasing analyst.

Toyota plans on sharing the campaign as a way to advertise best practices with other suppliers later this month.

“I hope that this inspires a company, or associate to work more safely, like it has for Shape” said Mike.