Summer Interns Participate in Safety Training

This week, the Shape training department led a special, hands-on training session at 1825i for the U.S. Division’s summer interns. Jarrod Chyrowski, technical trainer, led 12 interns in technical lessons in the areas of mig welding, tig welding, cutting torches and hilo training. Each lesson started with 3 hours of classroom instruction followed by real-world practice out on the shop floor. By going the extra mile in training, Shape’s hope is the interns will have a better understanding of the people and equipment that they will be writing policies and designing equipment for.

Alex Weykamp, production supervisor intern, stated ” I enjoyed getting some hands-on experience with the processes that go around me every day. At 1820, almost every team member rewelds on a regular basis so I’m glad I was able to expand my knowledge on the subject. I learned how to use a cutting torch, a TIG welder and I built upon my prior knowledge of MIG welding (which I was briefly trained on during my OJT). Thank you for the opportunity to continue my education!”

A big thank you to Stephanie Marquez, talent acquisition specialist, for organizing this event, Jarrod Chyrowski for instructing and Shape’s interns for participating!