Shape Earns Honorable Nissan Award

Nissan held their 2015 Annual Supplier Conference on October 28 and 29 in Franklin, Tennessee. Rebecca Vest, vice president of Nissan Purchasing for North America, presented Shape Corp. with the prestigious Nissan Monozukuri Spirit Award. Shape was one of only three suppliers that achieved this high recognition of Monozukuri Spirit for 2015. 

In Japanese, Monozukuri is a compound word comprising “mono” which means “products,” (literally, “thing”) and “zukuri” which means “process of making or creation”.

However, the concept embraces more than the literal meaning. It offers the idea of possessing the “spirit to produce excellent products and the ability to constantly improve a production system and process”. The concept carries “overtones of excellence, skill, spirit, zest, and pride in the ability to make things good things very well. Monozukuri is not mindless repetition; it requires creative minds and is often related to craftsmanship.”

According to Mark White, executive vice president of European and Asian operations, the Nissan Monozukuri Spirit Award is recognizing Shape’s commitment to total customer satisfaction with our Nissan-Renault business. “I am extremely proud of our global Shape team. Monozukuri Spirit symbolizes our commitment to servicing the customer throughout the entire business cycle from new business award, design-development, launch execution, manufacturing, quality, delivery and continuous cost improvement,” said Mark. “Thank you to everyone who supports our Nissan-Renault business and keep up the great work.”

Shape was also recognized as a 2015 Regional Supplier Quality Award finalist for Shape Corp. Grand Haven and for Shape Corp. Mexico operations based on quality performance and responsiveness to resolve issues.

“This award once again exemplifies the four pillars of our brand image with Nissan/Renault; People, Engineering, Passion, and Customer Service,” said Jason Bricker, business unit vice president. “Thank you for the extreme dedication and sacrifices over the past year!”