Shape Czech Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Shape Czech is celebrating an important anniversary–10 years since the establishment of the Pilsen plant.

“It is hard to believe that 10 years ago there was only a hand full of our team members working in one little office with an empty shop floor and an empty parking lot,” reflects Shape President and CEO, Mark White. “But, since day one, we have worked on making this company great and we have continued to do so every day since.”

Currently the location has 450 associates and counting. With six roll form lines, 35 weld cells and other equipment, two buildings and one warehouse are occupied with potential plans to expand into another building.

In short, Shape Europe has a promising future ahead. Not only because of the volume of contracted work, but mainly thanks to all of the team members who work hard every day to make this company exceptional.

Happy 10th anniversary, Shape Czech; may there be many, many more!