Shape Corp. Launches Inaugural Sustainability Report Highlighting Progress Towards Building a More Sustainable Future

We are proud to reveal our first annual sustainability report marking a key milestone for Shape Corp. by showcasing our progress and future vision for a more sustainable future. We’ve worked to nest our commitment to sustainability into strategic areas of focus we anticipate will assist in benefitting our planet, team members, customers, industry and communities globally.

Our team of stakeholders focused on Shape’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals across the world are working collectively to ensure we are staying connected and honing the best practices for our reporting standards as this landscape evolves. Collaboration with industry leaders and the development of partnerships along our sustainability journey has assisted us in learning, adapting and progressing towards our goal of long-term continuous improvement in this area and carbon neutrality throughout our facilities as we progress.

In this document, key areas of focus are anchored directly to Shape’s company purpose of empowering people to shape technology, shape lives and shape communities.

Our specific areas of focus include:

  • Fostering an inclusive organization that develops and empowers team members to make a difference throughout their personal and professional lives
  • Designing, engineering and manufacturing automotive components that align with our customers’ goals of lighter, fuel efficient, environmentally conscious and safer products
  • Navigating long-term sustainable opportunities through a cross-functional steering committee, customer support, team member engagement and supplier relationships
  • Driving operational improvements that reduce emissions, consumption and waste
  • Informing stakeholders of our goals, efforts and chances to engage in our journey

“In order to make this contribution a reality, we must stay anchored in our purpose. We relate this work to our core values. Of particular significance our value of accountability – to be accountable for our actions as a corporation and to see this work as necessary to better our surroundings for future generations,” says Mark White, Shape Corp. president and CEO. “As the industry presses forward with sustainable initiatives, while embracing the spirit of excellence and innovation, we see opportunity to lead, to collaborate, listen and improve.”

To read the Shape Corp. 2022 Sustainability Report, please click here.