Shape Corp and Hydro Aluminium Metal enter partnership to develop  automotive products utilizing 75% recycled aluminum scrap

Shape Corp., a global tier-one automotive supplier of multi-material impact energy management and lightweight body structures, has entered into an agreement with Hydro, a leading producer of aluminum and renewable energy, to be the first to explore and bring to the US market, automotive components utilizing Hydro CIRCAL®, containing a minimum of 75% post-consumer aluminum scrap.

Hydro CIRCAL® is Hydro’s brand of recycled aluminum made with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer aluminum scrap, certified by third-party auditors DNV GL, and has a market-leading CO2 footprint of just 2.3 kg CO2e/kg aluminum – or less. CIRCAL® is expected to deliver an estimated 70% CO2 reduction versus the North American average for aluminum when including  Scope 1,2,and 3 emissions. Through advanced processing technology, Hydro is able to create material with the highest post-consumer recycled content in the market. As a result, Hydro drastically reduces energy use in the production phase while still offering high-quality aluminum with equivalent metallurgical properties that maintain the strength and corrosion resistance needed in automotive components.

“We are very excited to enter into this close partnership alongside Hydro to bring a product to market that proves to assist in carving our path towards carbon neutrality” said Mark White, president and CEO – Shape Corp. “As the industry continues to shift towards electrification, it is exciting to see the progress that is being made to materials that keep sustainability in focus for the future of automotive.”

This collaborative partnership opens the doors for Shape to introduce the uniqueness of Hydro CIRCAL® to the global automotive market, bringing green on green solutions while continuing to provide the strength and weight-saving properties held by Hydro’s aluminum product line.

“Aluminum is lightweight, infinitely recyclable, maintaining all unique properties no matter how many times it’s recycled. This is why the metal can play a significant role in the lightweighting of electric and hybrid vehicles, as cars need less electricity and fewer or smaller batteries to travel the same distances,” said Eivind Kallevik, executive vice president – Hydro Aluminium Metal.

Hydro CIRCAL® provides a sustainable solution for OEMs as continued efforts target electrification, carbon neutral manufacturing and recycled material for future vehicle programs. Shape and Hydro aim to bring Hydro CIRCAL’s first automotive product to the market through testing of material and identification of application projects.

As a multi-material company seeking to provide the best possible solution for the customer, Shape has pledged to reduce its global carbon emissions 30% by 2030 and to be fully carbon neutral by 2035. By developing products utilizing low-carbon aluminum, Shape aims to be carbon neutral in the production phase and to reduce carbon emissions for end users through lightweighting of the products Shape provides to its customers, thereby further contributing in mitigating climate change.

This partnership is a sustainable step forward as Shape expands its extrusion capacity with a new 320,000 sq ft. plant located in Trenton, OH to support ongoing industry growth.

Shape Corp. is a global leader in multi material automotive impact energy management systems and lightweight body structures utilizing advanced-high strength steel roll forming, tight tolerance aluminum extrusions and large tonnage injection molding. Founded in 1974, the company employes more than 3,500 team members with 17 facilities worldwide allowing Shape to serve customers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information visit