Outstanding Quality Recognized by the FCA

Shape has been awarded the Outstanding Quality Performance Award from FCA for both our Comstock and 172nd plants. FCA awarded us for both our bumper commodity as well as our plastics commodity. This award is given out to few suppliers; an accomplishment we are very proud of.

“It’s really an exciting time at the Comstock facility. We have some exciting growth opportunities with existing customers and we’re in process of cultivating relationships with new customers. All of this requires collaboration and synergy between our teams. Receipt of this FCA award is a testament to all our team members working together for the greater good. Without our people, this isn’t possible. The Comstock team is truly honored to receive this award,” said Andy Rosenberg, Comstock plant manager.

FCA purchasing manager, Jim Lung, as well as FCA supplier quality, Peter Hoy, visited Shape to present the respective quality awards.

Congratulations to both 172nd and Comstock for your hard work and dedication to Shape.