Higher than Ever Before

Getting onto Training Top 125 list is no easy feat. Companies are graded on training programs, metrics, human resources, training infrastructure and more. This year, Shape beat out some tough competition and was ranked #12 – the highest in our history.

Training Top 125 is a worldwide ranking of organizations that excel at training and associate development. This looks at the entire corporate training overall, not just single programs. In 2015, we beat out companies like Edward Jones, McDonald’s, Quicken Loans, MasterCard, AT&T, CVS, and more.

Training and development became a business strategy and a necessary part of everyone’s employment experience here at Shape in 1996. Formal, corporate-wide needs assessments are conducted on an annual basis.

For the past eight years, Shape has earned a spot on Training’s Top 125 list and we look forward to what’s in store in the years to come. Congratulations, team!