Committed to Ethical Practices: Introducing Ethics Point

Shape is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. As an organization, we hold high expectations for ourselves, as do our customers, communities and team members.

We hold an open door policy, and want to ensure that there are appropriate channels available for our team members, suppliers and customers to securely, confidentially and safely report concerns or issues. This policy is available and updated within our associate handbook on ShapeWeb. At no point will there be retaliation on any individual who is reporting an unsafe, illegal or unethical situation.

Team members are highly encouraged to report concerns or issues to their supervisors first, followed by human resources. If there are issues you are not comfortable sharing with your supervisor, please contact your HR leader.

Should significant issues arise, Shape has established a new channel that offers an anonymous and secure reporting system called Ethics Point. Ethics Point is a third party system designed to ensure anonymity. This site is to be used in extreme circumstances only. An extreme circumstance includes the following scenarios (complete definitions are available on the Ethics Point ShapeWeb resource page and on the direct website:

  • Accounting and auditing matters
  • Conflict of interest
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Embezzlement
  • Environmental protection, health or safety law
  • Falsification of contracts, reports or records
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
  • Labor issues
  • Misconduct or inappropriate behavior
  • Sabotage or vandalism
  • Substance abuse
  • Theft
  • Time abuse
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Violation of policy
  • Violence or threat

The Ethics Point website is to be used for the scenarios above, and/or in the following circumstances:

  • All normal reporting channel efforts have been exhausted
  • Significant concerns or discomfort in reporting through normal reporting channels
  • Concerns of remaining anonymous

This website is a safe place to report and allows individuals to make a report anonymously or not by completing the online form. In both circumstances, follow up will take place electronically ensuring your confidentiality.