Shape Guangzhou Earns GTMC Quality Award

Shape’s Guangzhou facility earned the 2020 Quality Cooperation Award at the 15th GTMC Supplier Conference. This is the third consecutive time that Shape Guangzhou has won this award. Toyota’s stringent quality assessment, including multiple specific requirements in various aspects makes it very difficult to win this award. This victory fully demonstrates the Guangzhou team’s unanimous commitment and dedication to quality and customer service. This is another successful practice of Shape’s global strategy for safety and quality. Shape Guangzhou will continue to work hard to be at the forefront of the industry.

The recognition from customers is our driving force.

Excellent quality and unparalleled support to customers are foundational to Shape. As a trusted partner in the automotive industry, Shape’s products meet industry standards. Shape is committed to providing the highest level of quality from design to delivery. As the company often says, ‘If it is not great, it is not Shape!’