This position is responsible to make the model change, initial settings, and settings, and adjustment during the welding Mig/Tig/Projection/Spot/Plasma. He/she must make sure that all the Safety and Quality requirements are met. Is also in charge to minimize unplanned downtime attributable for the team and assure that it will accomplish the standard cycle time as well as the SMED.

Habilidades y experiencias


Essential Job Functions:

  • Robot retouching path
  • Determine root causes and perform adjustment within permissible parameters to the welding process, tooling in the welding area (dimensional part adjustment, monitoring of robot signals, flaws monitoring, model changes, etc.)
  • Analyze and correct flaws in Fanuc controllers.
  • Make consumable changes in SPOT / PLASMA / PLASMA CUT / PLASMA welding.
  • Application of SMED in welding machines according to the procedure.
  • Follow up and carry out the preventive maintenance to the sources of power (manual and automatic), welding fixtures, wire feeders
  • Fill and maintain up-to-date monitoring records to the process. Send the shift report via email to the engineering team to review the production status in the welding area.
  • Implement improvements (safety, quality, rate increase, delivery, cost, OEE) to tooling’s and machinery with the support of the engineering team.
  • Support the welders in the rolling area (if required)
  • Follow-up to the SWARM procedure.
  • Changing and adjusting sensors
  • Flaws monitoring through PLC’s.
  • Maintain orderly work area and tooling


Communication between welding technicians:

  • Review problems of safety, quality, unplanned outages and efficiency.
  • Share any needed information.


Team Involment:

  • Promote Shape Values and systems.
  • Recommend the most efficient way to respond to quality, equipment or process flow problems
  • Support continuous improvement activities.
  • Work in teams with the areas (Quality, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Projects, and Tooling) to determine corrective and preventive actions, and solve problems.
  • Advise and train the production operators in the operation of the machines.


Constant follow-up in the area to review the status of:

  • Accomplishment of safety guidelines (no unsafe conditions or acts are allowed)
  • 5’S Standers.
  • Product quality, equipment availability and efficiency.


Preferred Experience and Schooling:

  • Technical career in a related area (TSU, Mechanical engineer, Industrial or related) Engineer preferably.
  • 2 years of experience in the automotive and/or metal mechanic industry.
  • 2 years of experience in robotic welding
  • 2-3 years of experience as weld/maintenance technician preferably.
  • Acknowledge of PLC’S, electric control on a basic level.
  • Ability to read manuals and interpretation of pneumatic, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic diagrams.
  • Analytical capacity and flaws diagnosis
  • Technical English


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