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Engineering Team


A diverse mixture of industries rely on Shape to design, develop, test, and manufacture highly-engineered components in large volumes. Whether your project demands roll forming, fabricating, metal forming, welding, injection molding, stamping, or assembly, Shape has the resources to get the job done. From smooth, curved plastics to roll formed tubes with complex hole patterns, Shape’s ability to provide solutions to complex challenges is within your reach.

Today, Shape provides both steel and plastic components to customers in the office furniture, medical equipment, and agriculture industries. But, Shape’s experience doesn’t end there. The company has applied their in-depth engineering and manufacturing knowledge to an array of industries across the globe for more than 40 years.

And when new customers from unexplored industries come along, we enjoy the challenge of quickly learning how and where our experience and expertise can be applied. Understanding your specific industry, its challenges, and engineering innovative solutions is at the heart of Shape’s Diversified business unit.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Shape can address your industry challenges, please contact our Diversified product’s team today.