Research and Development

Engineering Team Ped Leg Impact Testing

Innovation isn’t just a term we use; it’s our way of working. Our advanced product development (APD) engineers are focused on developing the next solution that supports tomorrow’s demands, before our customers ask for it.

Material, process and product specific engineers have a full understanding of existing and pending regulations, enabling the creation of products that meet them, such as Pedestrian Protection. Developing and working with the highest grades of Advanced High Strength Steel in the industry and dynamic plastic resin blends allow us to provide lightweight solutions that perform.

A Comprehensive Approach

We utilize a proven method to develop optimized, lightweight automotive components.

  • Material Development
    We work directly with a global supply base to develop materials that can be manufactured into complex geometries.
  • Process Ingenuity
    We use process innovations to effectively manufacture custom engineered cross sections or designs of metal and steel solutions.
  • CAE Modeling
    Our CAE modeling capabilities allow us to predict how a product will perform utilizing our advanced materials.
  • Design Optimization
    Optimizing around fundamentals enables us to utilize high mechanical properties of materials to the fullest extent.

Advanced Product Development Expertise

  • Metallic Solutions
    • Material development with global supply partners
    • Processing advancements
    • Lightweight, high performing product design and development
  • Plastic Solutions
    • Engineering of thermoplastic resins
    • Multi-capability processing advancements
    • Lightweight, high-performing product design and development
  • Full Understanding of Current and Pending Regulations
    • Pedestrian Protection
    • CAFÉ requirements
    • IIHS requirements
    • NHTSA 581
    • CMVSS
    • EuroNCAP
    • RCAR