AHSS Solutions


Our engineering and manufacturing processes continue to evolve, allowing us to produce the right solutions. Supported by our core competencies of roll forming and impact energy management, we provide customers solutions that meet CAFÉ regulations, IIHS impact requirements and more.

Automotive Product Portfolio

Material and process flexibility enables us to provide components that meet global impact regulations, fuel efficiency requirements and safety standards.

Impact Energy Management Solutions
We combine our engineering capabilities with our progressive processing to develop lightweight, high-performing impact energy management solutions. Through optimized geometries and superior materials, we produce advanced bumper systems and structural components to absorb energy in event of a crash – protecting the occupants and vehicle.

Lightweight Body Structures
We are a proven source for optimized, accurate and low mass structural products, including vehicle bumper beams, pillars and body-in-white components. Within our portfolio we have products made from the highest strength of cold rolled sheet steel in the world.

Engineered Plastic Products
Our impact energy management portfolio is rounded out with our highly engineered plastic products. Challenging product designs can be met through our ability to process multiple materials and components requiring tight tolerances. To be ahead of changing industry demands, we navigate the market and provide advancements in plastic impact energy management, air management and pedestrian protection solutions.

Pedestrian Protection
We apply our expertise in impact energy management to make vehicle components more pedestrian friendly. All countermeasures developed for Pedestrian Protection regulations are designed to properly absorb energy to reduce the severity of injury to a pedestrian. Additionally, the product designs maintain the appropriate features to meet the conflicting demands of impact and lightweighting regulations.