A proactive supplier

Design Work Impact Receiving Customer Award

Today, automotive OEMs are challenged to manage demands for increased CAFE standards and intensifying crash requirements, while cost pressures leave them with conflicting requirements. Inspired by a history of innovation and driven by a culture of discipline, we work proactively with our customers to provide solutions that help address these pressing challenges.

As a tier-one supplier, we have become a proven source for optimized, accurate and low mass structural products. Customers are able to rely on our products that help them meet industry demands due to our thorough execution methodology. Beginning with material development, directly with our suppliers, we apply process ingenuity, CAE modeling and design optimization based around fundamentals that utilize a material’s mechanical properties to the fullest extent.

To ensure quality service, our business is organized into dedicated teams that support individual customers. Known as business units, these teams work with our customers from concept through serial production. The close communication and attention provides the responsiveness, flexibility and timeliness needed to keep programs on schedule. Proof of this exists in the more than 100 customer awards we received throughout the years.