Plastic Processing

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Our injection molding capabilities are as dynamic as a product’s needs. With our sister company Pliant, we can offer press size capabilities ranging from 17 to 2,500 tons, through our assembly offerings, generating high quality products no matter how simple or complex it is.

Watch a tour of our plastic processing.

Advanced Capabilities

Beyond our press size range, we are able to provide multi-material solutions. With multi-shot molding, insert molding and plastic powder coating, products can be exceptional in quality and appearance.

  • Injection Molding
    • Press size range from 17 to 2,500 tons
    • Sequential valve gate molding
    • Cavity pressure control
    • In-house blending
    • In-mold color for visual parts
    • Chemical blowing agents
  • Clean Room Assembly
    • Class 10,000 certified
    • Sonic welding
    • Specialty packaging in a controlled environment
  • Additional Capabilities
    • Two-shot molding
    • Multi-shot molding
    • Two-sided tape applications
    • Powder coating
    • Value added integration